Grassroots effort to organize support for the growing demand for a skatepark in Pittsboro, NC.


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Melissa Fauth,


eric bode,

Ben Choate,
I have been waiting forever for this thing and i would absolutely love for it to happen.

Suzanne Faulkner,
Let's make this happen. There is not much for kids in Pittsboro to do. Skating can keep kids busy, away from media and it's a great individual sport.

Clay lynch,
I saying that if people want skater off of the property that they have other businesses then they should donate some money to give us a place to skate that way that we won't skate their property and plus the safety of the skaters I skate in some of the worst places in the world I have skated in the middle of Chicago where all you see is drug deals, gangs and fights. HELP!!!


John Allen,

Ian Spotz,
Would be another great reason to visit Pittsboro

Carrie Moore,

Chad benson,
Make it street like

Joseph Zornick,

Heze Campbell,

Aaron Webster,
Parks keep skaters from getting run over. Build this.

Josh Flack,
skate is life. im a skater till i die

Randy McGowan,

Susan Bridgers,
Need this for the kids of the county!

Eric Paquette,

Krissy Summey,




Logan Mehl-Laituri,

Dawne Haley,

Jillian Hileman,
Skate 4 life!

seems like a cool idea

Josh Cecil,

Leslie Cox,
This is a fabulous plan. Our old city (Alexandria, VA) had one and it was a wonderful place for kids to safely skate and get exercise.

Nick Williams,
You Rock !!!!

Jeanine Saffelle Mangieri,

Brandon Glosson,
not fun to get hit by cars. build a park

Logan Day,
I'm coming up to my aunt's house for the summer. I have been coming up there for years and always skated street spots around pittsboro. It would sick to see a park when I come this summer!!!!!

Mitch Lassiter,

Sam Lassiter,

Gabriel Boyd-Nikias,
please please please please please build a skate park

john barringer,

Alys Protzman,
Way to go Tony and Frank! Great event a few weeks ago!


Ruffin McCoy,
Skateboarding is an artistic/creative outlet in the form of physical activity, and you have less of a chance getting injured skating than in football.

I am 32 years old, skateboarded for 17 years, lived in chapel hill for 14 years, lived in Pittsboro for 7 years...UNC graduate and know that skateboarding has positively shaped my life and will continue to do so...Keep Riding

Sarah Shook,

Rocquel Erman,
I support anything that gets not only kids outdoors, but adults as well.

becca fisher,

cameron ellison,

William Davis,
Good luck guys!!!

Sean Mosher,

Levi Varner,
Skateboards keep kids active and offer a sense of independence and identity to the youth. Skateboarding is a sport that is here to stay and every town needs a skatepark to accommodate it! Turn those empty lots into something with some real social value that will get used from dusk till dawn all year-round!

Evan Seagroves,
Every skater needs a close park, and this will do it for the skaters in Pittsboro, NC

Kevin Yoder,
Wonderful idea. Would be great if this organization could, along with the city of Pittsboro, convert an existing vacant site into open space/skatepark. That way, two goals are accomplished - developing a skatepark, along with revitalization. The site of the former Chevy dealership on 15-501 just across from Springdale Road is a good option. Also, the large vacant site just down from the Rite Aid is a perfect site for skatepark or an open theater. There is a park and skatepark in Kure Beach which is good model for this.

James Beau,