The Future Pittsboro Skatepark committee and participants brought skateboarding to the streets of downtown Pittsboro again during the First Sunday celebration in August and September. The heat was grueling on August 7, but the turnout was favorable. Street obstacles and mini ramps filled the corner of Salisbury St. and Hillsboro St. One family brought their three-year-old son by to watch the skaters. He was excited and entertained. In fact, he got his first ride on a board that day. His parents noted that this was the first activity he had really shown interest in, and they were going to pursue getting him a board soon.


The teens and parents of the Future Pittsboro Skatepark took over for those of us out of town on September 4. We heard that collectively over forty skaters joined in that day. It’s the young people that the skatepark will be built for, and it’s the young people that need to help us male it happen!


We also attended a County Commissioner’s meeting to attempt to gain their support for a skatepark, as well as to reiterate that we need land before we can go further in our plight. The committee members who spoke did an awesome job. It seems like several commissioners are in strong support of a skatepark. Yet, as always, a few are opposed. We hope to win them over and convince them of all the good that can come of it. Several members will speak again at the next meeting for that reason.


Our next activity is the Silent Auction at Bowbar in Carrboro, NC beginning September 9. Over 40 local and national artists donated deck art that will be up for bid for two weeks. The artwork will be displayed at Bowbar until September 23. All proceeds will benefit the Future Pittsboro Skatepark, as well as a percentage of drink sales at Bowbar from the closing party on September 23. Come out and support us, bid on a deck, and acquire some superb pieces of art!

By: Kim Sabbagh