Soon Cherokee, NC will be opening their new skate park designed by Pillar Skate Park Design studios. Pillar is known for designing parks that are specific to the needs of the skaters in that community and that is exactly what they are doing in Cherokee. The new park is on a 3.5 acre tract and is going to be a 50/50 park between street skating elements and bowl and transition skating elements. Another cool thing about the Cherokee Skate Park is the green space surrounding it. It’s going to be killer! Check out the pics and tell us what you think!
Building a skate park for the skaters in our community is going to take all of your input and efforts. It’s so important for you to get involved and stay involved. We need to know what elements you want incorporated in the park. We need to know what kind of events we can plan to get you, the “Pittsboro Skater’s”, involved in the efforts to build the park.
We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our next event on June 5th at The Pittsboro’s 1st Sunday Celebration. We will be on the corner of East Salisbury St with the quarter pipe, a rail, spine, and grind box for you to skate.